International motivational speaker, life coach, intuitive strategist, and best-selling author Gary Quinn shares his valuable insights and knowledge with a worldwide audience via his inspirational books, podcasts, television appearances, online digital downloads, and worldwide speaking engagements. Several of his recent books have become bestsellers and are acknowledged as essential tools for those seeking to improve their lives, businesses, and relationships.

Gary is the founder of the Touchstone for Life Coaching Certification Program™ which trains, transforms, and empowers individuals to create extraordinary results in their lives. The coaching program is intended to help individuals maximize their potential, reach peak performance, and hone their business acumen. His teachings have been embraced by individuals from all walks of life including entertainers, athletes, and corporate leaders. Among his many coaching clients are Academy Award winners, Emmy Award winners, Grammy winners, and Olympic Gold medalists.

Gary is often described as a motivational, intuitive life-shifter. His expertise and insight has established him as a trusted advisor to business leaders and executives. Using his skills, he provides support for businesses by improving their decision-making process and assisting with their development. He has developed a series of self-development, corporate empowerment, and communication improvement programs. His corporate and individual clients include CEO’s, vice presidents, fashion designers, marketing directors, and executives from international companies. He has worked with individuals and business groups such as Coldwell Banker Global Luxury (New York & Atlanta), HP Hauser Partners Legal Services (Switzerland), Tauler Smith LLP (Los Angeles), Elaura Inc. (Japan), Irinox SpA (Italy), Amazon (Seattle), Indigo Payments (Atlanta), ThinkGlink Inc. (Chicago), D.D. Dunlap Companies Inc. (California), Tatcha (Japan), Geneva Financial (San Francisco), Brandsoul (Zurich), Microsoft (Seattle), Keller Williams (Beverly Hills), Hallstein (London), DHL (Europe), and Della Volpe & Partners (Italy). His seminars, workshops, keynotes, and private coaching sessions leave clients with a blueprint for success. He frequently holds events and seminars in the USA, Switzerland, England, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Dubai, Romania, and Australia. Gary’s books have been published in 11 languages internationally.

In his popular books such as Become Your Own Business Guru: Create a Balanced Path to Well-Being, Success, and Happiness, The Yes Frequency: Master a Positive Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness, 31 Days to Personal Success and Living in the Spiritual Zone: 10 Steps to Change Your Life and Discover Your Truth, Gary offers readers simple but effective methods to access the true power within themselves: “Consciously or unconsciously, you are creating your own life at all times.”

His new business book, Become Your Own Business Guru: A Balanced Path to Well-Being, Success, and Happiness, focuses on how individuals can improve their daily lives and manifest more success in their professional lives. Gary wanted to give readers a personal guidebook dedicated to helping them bring their most authentic self to the workplace. He provides readers with methods to overcome business obstacles, and inspires them to make crucial changes that will bring balance into their lives. This book is all about how to finally have a breakthrough in life and business.

Gary is the host of Ready Set Live, an entertaining personal development, lifestyle, and wellness podcast. Ready Set Live is now airing on Roku TV and Antenna Television Network WCRA (Boston, Mass.), UBNGo Network, YouTube, Facebook Live, and AppleTV+, and can be listened to on iTunes, iHeart, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora, IVOOX, Deezer, and Amazon Music. His celebrity and expert guests include Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts, actor Esai Morales, health and wellness activist Mariel Hemingway, New York Times bestselling author and actress Marilu Henner, New York Times bestselling author and scientist Gregg Braden, international recording artist Belinda Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author Stephen Gundry, M.D., Grammy and Golden Globe Award winning songwriter Diane Warren, New York Times bestselling author Alejandro Junger, M.D., Emmy Award winning choreographer Tyce Diorio, actor Logan Allen, Emmy Award winning host and journalist Leeza Gibbons, #1 New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Mark Victor Hansen, Emmy Award winning journalist and author Adrienne Bankert, virtuoso guitarist Charo, actress and author Linda Gray, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and author Todd English, 4 time Olympic gold medalist and NY Times bestselling author Greg Louganis, President of Critical Content Television Entertainment Jenny Daly, Grammy nominated singer and actress Maria Conchita Alonso, 5 time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Dara Torres, international celebrated violinist Davide De Ascannis, Academy Award winning actor Louis Gossett Jr., and actress and wellness advocate Suzanne Somers.

In addition to his talents as a life coach, Gary co-produced and narrated two documentary film projects, The Cure and We The People, along with director Emmanuel Itier and executive producer-actress Sharon Stone. He was seen in the documentary The Invocation, produced and narrated by Sharon Stone, with music by Annie Lennox, and featuring Deepak Chopra, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Michael Beckwith, Oliver Stone, Dave Stewart, The Dalai Lama, and Mark Wahlberg.

Gary has been featured in Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, Vogue, Glamour, Gluckspost, Sacramento Business Journal, OMTimes, Los Angeles Magazine, Gala, Good Health Australia, Toronto Sun, Woman’s Weekly, Red Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Tages Anzeiger Switzerland, Yoga Magazine, Wellness Magazine, Reader’s Digest, N.Y. Times, People Magazine, US Magazine, Country Living, and InStyle Magazine. He has appeared on RAI 1 Unomattina Italian morning television, NBC TV, Extra TV, Breakfast TV Canada, Mediaset Italy, KTLA Morning News, Discovery Channel, CBS-TV, ITV This Morning-UK, Sat-1, VH-1, Fox TV. He has been heard on over 150 radio shows worldwide including BBC Radio and RTÉ, and has been interviewed by Leeza Gibbons, Marilu Henner, Rolonda Watts, and Shirley MacLaine.