Tired of all the mistrust, backstabbing and bad news that seem to dominate the news and our lives?
Looking for an uplifting message that will motivate your co-workers to greater success at work and at home?

I, Gary Quinn, will bring my message of positivity
to your most valuable asset, your employees.

You will overcome obstacles more easily, demonstrate greater confidence and give your co-workers a roadmap that will inspire them to greater heights…… and much, much, much more.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever heard anyone say that?
Neither have I.

Yet today there seems to be an overabundance of negativity coming at you every time you go to an online news source or turn on the evening news. Shootings, plane crashes, crime, war, human rights violations and it’s all “sold” to us in the most dramatic way possible.

A 2012 study by the Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post found that just three minutes of negative news before 10 a.m. leaves you 27 percent more likely to have a bad day.  On the flip side, a classic study from the 1980s by Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania found that optimistic salespeople outsold pessimistic salespeople by 37% – reminding us when it comes right down to it “attitude is everything.”

So, I’m pretty sure that only the most pessimistic among us would disagree with me when I say we need more positivity in this world.

“Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit, and the choice is yours.”
Tom Hopkins

The books I’ve written (The YES Frequency, 31 Days to Personal Success, to name just two) grab someone who’s living life below their capabilities and put them on the path to living a life that is more meaningful and full of purpose.

If your workplace is suffering from negativity, or you feel your employees could use a boost of inspiration, let’s chat.

An inspirational talk from me followed by interactive sessions where I personally work with your employees, my specialty, will leave them motivated and inspired to greater success. Your presentation will be customized to the topics you think will be most beneficial to your employees. Plus, you can choose from one, two- or three-hour business presentations.

Here are some topics I typically cover that will help your employees become better at what they do. Discover how to…

  • Boost your self-confidence in everything you do – A self-confident employee will boost company fortunes. An employee who lacks confidence can have a negative effect that spreads like a virus.
  • Find balance, joy, and peace in your life –I show people how to balance their needs and desires to find their right purpose in life.
  • Overcome stress – This is a huge issue. 550 million workdays are lost each year due to stress on the job. The American Psychological Association estimates that more than $500 billion is siphoned off from the U.S. economy because of workplace stress.
  • Master the art of networking and communication – Effective communication is a key building block of a successful organization.
  • Avoid self-sabotage and forever banish your worst fears – Procrastination, self-doubt, and fear are three things that can affect someone’s performance. I show people how to break out of their bad behavior.
  • Create prosperity thinking – To achieve financial success you must first change the way you think.
  • Build your mission, vision, and values statements – Do this right and you’ll become more passionate about everything you do.
  • Build new client relationships – Finding new clients is more expensive than nurturing your existing clients. Employees will learn how to build relationships with your existing clients based on trust and mutual respect.
  • Increase your managerial and leadership skills – Effective leaders blaze new strategic directions, motivate their fellow employees and inspire them to achieve more.
  • And much, much more.

A customized, interactive, empowering presentation

Are you ready to get started?

The first step is for us to have a conversation.
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My goal is to raise your employee’s personal power and wisdom to your company will experience a boost in productivity, enthusiasm, and profit.
With hope and faith, everyone can achieve their goals. Sometimes it just takes a simple shift to make everything fall into place.

Leading Life Strategist Coach Gary Quinn will teach you how his simple yet powerful principles and steps for business success will help you achieve extraordinary results for yourself and your company.
In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Identify and Prioritize Your Mission Statement
  • Choose a Plan for Your Business
  • Increase Your Current Business and Learn the Secret of Letting go of Stress and Anxiety
  • Avoid Self-Sabotage and Banish your Fears
  • Overcome Stress and Handle Office Politics with Confidence
  • How the Law of Reciprocity Affects Your Success
    The Laws of Mental Trust
  • The Positive Usage of Meditation and Affirmations in the Business World
  • Create Prosperity Thinking and Focus How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Success
  • Move ahead through Positive Communications
  • Learn how to Time Manage Yourself
  • Build Harmonious New Working Relationships
  • Achieve Total Self-Confidence Through a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Learn the Secrets of Self-promotion

Most of us have to work, but many of us would do it even if we did not have to, because work is about far more than just the way we make our living. It can be a way to express ourselves, get a sense of achievement and self-esteem, and also the foundation of our social lives.

Work is not just doing a job, but navigating personalities and agendas, dealing with all kinds of people and situations. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and on a burn-out path. If you are the CEO or a trainee or already working in the field, your experiences and issues about work are the same.

Many of you may be at different levels in your career. You may have increased your service to become double in size or you may be on the path of starting work with no set purpose of direction. You may be dealing with increased workloads and responsibilities. You may have increased or decreased your working hours, or changed from being an employee to self-employed or a business owner. Or, like many seekers, you may be under pressure to constantly add to your skills or work within an organization that is constantly changing.

In this seminar, you will be able to look at situations and be able to see things differently and make an incredible difference. I will give you the 7 steps to create a successful career in any facet of your world.

I want to teach you that you can influence other people, but you can only change yourself, and that is where the focus always stays with you, and with this force, we can begin to see extraordinary results in all areas of your life.

1) Know your talents, propensities and skills.

2) Know your mission and objectives.

3) Commit to achieving your mission and objectives.

4) Use your talents and propensities as a service to help others get what they want. Perform a valuable service and exchange of money, goods and services.

5) Know what your clients and customers need.

6) Commit to excellence and consistently produce results beyond and out of the ordinary.

7) Continue to educate and train yourself. Constantly improve the quality of what you offer.

Shift focus from the self-service to serving others. Fall in love with yourself and clients. Find their pain and help them to be happier by helping them to solve their problems.

What is your product? Exactly what are others getting when they buy your products or services? They are getting __________________.

Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses. Know and communicate your promise of what makes what you have to offer the most value to each client.

1) Write your slogan that makes your business, products, and services unique.

2) Referrals. Word of mouth. Obtain the names of like-minded people. Have your clients tell their friends about you. Referrals are the key to optimization and exponential growth.

3) Use the Internet as a marketing tool. Direct mail a letter explaining everything you want your clients and prospective clients to know about you, your company and services.

1) Who are the ideal clients?

2) Ideal clients are those people you would like to have more of, and those who are likely to want what you offer.

3) Describe the characteristics of those who are most likely to want the products and services you offer?

4) What are the benefits that your ideal clients are looking for if they purchase your products or use your services?

5) What benefits does your competitor provide?

6) What does your competitor do better than you do?

7) What benefits do you provide?

8) What do you offer that is better than what your competitor(s) provide?

9) What are the ideal clientʼs biggest problems that are not being met?

10) How can you help him or her solve it?

1) How important are you?

2) Effects of the company.

3) Key skills and attitude.

4) Values

5) Company mission statement and image

6) Choosing the right clients and employee

1) Learn how to delegate

2) Be an independent thinker

3) Reinvent your self and find time for you

4) Learn not to judge your surroundings

5) Use positive reinforcement

6) Use powerful affirmations with yourself and others.

In the art of self-promotion, there is a belief system, which must be activated in creating the results that you desire. Your belief system must now be in the plan of generating wealth, unlimited publicity and abundance of clients.
In setting this intention it is very important to imagine yourself as already achieved your goal. This may sound strange for you may be thinking, “How can I imagine something if I havenʼt been there?” Envision what you want your company to have, be and generate.

1) Envision and draw or mock up a PR presentation-as if you had achieved your END RESULT.

2) Write or mock-up on your computer the article or event which you wish to create.

3) Find current clients who are writers or who may know someone in the media.

4) Create your own Internet media press kit.

5) Get involved with local charities or city events.

6) Communication – learn how to create results.

7) Meet 3 new people every week. Generating a flow of new sources of information and people is what will create new results. Attend functions, parties, and events. Take action and get involved in all areas of your life.

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