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Frequently Asked Questions2022-06-30T07:55:21-07:00

As someone who speaks al over the world, from the United States to Italy to Japan and many places in between, I’m frequently reminded that there’s a bond that unites us all…

We all want to be successful and lead happy lives.  And we all want to conquer any problems and obstacles that are holding us back.
The Following are some of the questions I’ve been asked in my travels.

Note: If you have a related-question that’s not on this list,  I’ll be happy to answer it for you.  Click here to send it to me.

Gary, you speak all over the world. What is it that people want to learn from you? What do they most often ask you?2018-04-18T20:16:16-07:00

Quite often, people want to know how to tap into their strength to achieve success, overcome a problem—whether it’s personal or professional. I provide 10 steps that can help all of us believe in ourselves and become empowered to take charge of your present situation, access your divine energy, overcome fear and self-sabotage, create financial freedom and meet your most precious goals. Here’s a sampling of those questions and thoughts to achieve success…

Can I have a more lucrative and fulfilling career?2019-01-15T01:50:18-08:00

Yes! Finding the strength to pursue a more lucrative career exists! Spiritual Financial Freedom teaches us that we are powerful beings who deserve what we desire in life and that it’s never too late to start. These are empowering words for anyone who is seeking to be more successful and get more satisfaction in their career.

Can I find the love I deserve?2018-04-18T20:15:43-07:00

We can all use some constructive advice on finding a partner who is available and loving. Countless self-help books guide us to find the love by playing by “the rules” when really the answer lies with honesty and trust in oneself and in the gifts that the universe has to offer. Letting go of the Emotional Past and Choosing to Love Yourself shows us that we must love unconditionally and purely and it is only then that we will find our true soul mate.

Can I feel the inner strength to carry me through all situations?2019-01-15T01:49:14-08:00

How can we help instill confidence in our children so that we can reduce the violence in schools and on the street? Recognizing you have Support gives us feelings of self-love and acceptance and allows us to see the world in a self-promoting way. Self-confidence is at the root of all successful, happy people.

Can I be a winner?2018-04-18T21:09:43-07:00

What is the secret behind the success of athletes such as Serena Williams and David Beckham? In sports, our career, our personal lives, Activating the Power of Choice shows us that our journey to success and happiness is really a very simple one. If we ask for help and guidance and trust ourselves, we can achieve anything.

Can I get everything from life?2018-04-18T21:10:11-07:00

Imagine what a better world we’d live in if individuals devoted more time and energy to pursuing their own dreams instead of destroying others’. Getting To Know Yourself as The Creator allows us to imagine the life we want and gives us the confidence to believe that it’s achievable, and Visualizing The Life You Want helps us figure out, pragmatically, what we need to do to achieve those goals.

I want to be more successful in my career but just can’t seem to get any traction, is there any hope for me?2018-04-29T19:23:35-07:00

Yes.  There’s always hope.  You weren’t put on this earth to not live up to your potential.  You are a powerful being who can achieve anything you focus your mind on.  The first thing you need to do is uncover what’s stopping you from being more successful and the put an action plan together to crush whatever obstacles are blocking your path.  Remember, you’re never too old to live the life you desire.

Can I find the love I deserve?2018-04-29T19:24:39-07:00

Yes.  Finding a partner who is available and loving isn’t just “for other people.” The answer lies with honesty and trust in oneself and taking advantage of the gifts that the universe has to offer. Letting go of things from your past that are slowing you down is key.  Plus, you must love yourself before you can give love to someone else. 

Can inner strength carry me through trying times?2018-04-29T19:25:11-07:00

Self-love and self-confidence are key.  Luckily, these are two traits you don’t have to be born with.  No matter what stage you are in your life you can learn to live a life overflowing in both.  There are opportunities in every challenge, you just have to be open to them.

Is there a secret to success that nobody has told me about?2018-04-29T19:25:45-07:00

While there’s no “secret” per se, success will come to you when you do the same things as people who have found success doing what you want to do.  In my Touchstone for Life program, I provide 10 steps that will help you believe in yourself and become empowered to take charge of your present situation, access your divine energy, overcome fear and self-sabotage, create financial freedom and meet your most precious goals.

I love helping people. Can I become a Touchstone for Life coach just like you?2018-04-29T19:28:50-07:00

Yes.  In addition to coaching people, I also offer a program that will help you launch your own Touchstone for Life business.  I will provide you with one on one mentorship and the tools you need to start a thriving coaching business.

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