It’s not what happens to us that matters, it’s how we deal with what happens”

You’re stuck in a dead-end job and you feel like life is passing you by. You know you’re meant to do something else that makes you feel alive, that makes your heart sing. Or, you want to leave your town and move to a new place, and start a new life. Or maybe you’re feeling lonely and disconnected. You long for a loving relationship, an amazing connection with that special someone you can romp through life with. Whatever you desire, the big question is how do you take it from a dream state to making it come true? How do you live your dream? The answer is, you must first say YES to it. And when you do that, your world starts to open up to endless possibilities, all the way to that dream becoming a reality.

Our fast-paced world (which seems to be getting faster!) where we’re constantly bombarded with problems, difficult relationships, and hourly “breaking news”, mixed in with a big scoop of constant self-loathing, is a recipe for a stressed out, unhappy life. So how do we find a concrete way to successfully navigate life so we stay balanced and centered? By shifting our “no” thoughts, words, and actions and tapping into our intuitive YES energy; the all-knowing, deeper part of us, that connects the dots to who we really are — to our soul, then empowers us to change our lives.

Switching from the limiting “NO” to the expansive “YES” on our lips and in our steps, acts as an internal navigation system, helping us to deal positively with life’s hurdles. When we are always saying “NO” (often that’s an automatic response) we’re going against the flow of life, which causes stress, anxiety, worry, anger, and frustration. It has a ripple effect, leading to more “NO” energy, sinking us into a chronically unhappy, unhealthy state. Our world shrinks get dull, empty, and listless.

By tapping into YES, it’s food for the soul, nourishing and energizing us. Just saying the word “YES” on a regular basis, (to yourself and out loud) replaces negative thoughts and emotions. It puts us on the fast track to a more positive belief system that opens us up to possibility, freedom, and a more peaceful state of mind. (No matter how chaotic life gets!). When YES (instead of NO) becomes a habit, stress and all the negative emotions give way to more positive situations and opportunities.