“With Gary Quinn’s coaching I am confident, purpose-filled and feel empowered in all parts of my life.

Kristina Kulik, Amazon Corporate - Seattle, Washington

“All of us are always in a transition of growth, and making a personal big leap forward and one must always be accountable to someone. Gary has helped me create a new direction for my business by developing new ways of presenting marketing ideas, inner confidence growth and incredible guidance along the way.  Gary Quinn’s program has enabled me to unlock my true potential as an exceptional luxury real estate agent and differentiate myself from everyone else in my field by unleashing and exceeding the goals we established together and be brilliant in all areas of my life.”

Debra Johnston, Debra Johnston, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury - Atlanta’s Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Diamond Member

“Gary Quinn’s intuitive coaching has given me the insight to create a prosperous business from the inside out.
His techniques, divine guidance, affirmations and confidence training has been the seeds for my soul”

Rebecca Yudice, Interior Designer, Project Design Director, and CEO of the R&R Design Studio LLC in San Rafael and South Carolina

“Gary Quinn has given me insight and strength to make me and my business the best they can be. Gary emphasizes how changes in my mental state can dramatically change my outcomes and has provided me the tools to stay on course. The result is powerful change for the betterment of myself and everyone around me.”

Robert Tauler, Attorney and Managing Partner of Tauler / Smith LLP, Los Angeles

“Gary Quinn has taught me the fundamental truths of simplicity and clarity, and it is up to me to choose fear or love in life. If I choose thoughts of love, abundance, compassion and joy it will become my reality. With Gary’s coaching techniques I can choose new thoughts right now, and therefore change my life now.”

Reto Hauser, Attorney and Managing Partner of Anwaltskanzlei Law Firm, Zurich, Switzerland

“Gary Quinn’s coaching program has given me amazing insight, strategies and confidence to create great change within my business. He has helped me revolutionize my life, remove limits and obstacles that separate me from the realization of my dreams, and to discover what I am and what I want to become, showing the way in a crescendo of experiences and emotions that will remain forever engraved in my mind and my heart”

Guido Della Volpe, founder and CEO of Della Volpe & Partners Communication & Media - Milan, Italy

“Working with Gary is unlike anything else I’ve ever done. It’s like adjusting the picture on a television screen. Suddenly everything is much clearer. Gary brings great insight and a fresh perspective to personal and business matters. The results are powerful and at times even startling.”

Linda Kelley, Co-Founder - Indigo Payments

“Gary is an amazing soul, person and coach. I love the way he helps you in discovering your strengths and potential.
With him everything is simple and smooth…but the achievements are great and sustainable. Life is a journey, and with his insight it is easier and more enjoyable.”

Katia Da Ros, Vice President, Irinox SpA

“Working regularly with Gary has been an amazing journey for me and has brought results that I never before even imagined possible. His coaching has allowed years of work in other modalities (such as therapy, self-help books, seminars, etc.) to finally shift from just ‘knowing’ to actually ‘doing’. Gary’s approach is both practical and intuitive and has led to great improvement in so many aspects of my businesses, my relationships, my personal confidence level, and my overall sense of well-being. With the positive momentum now made, it is delightful to look forward to life continuing to unfold and more miracles coming my way.”

Cozette Dunlap, Vice President

“Gary has this amazing ability to drill past the everyday noise to help you understand where your true path lies. I always take away so much from our conversations.”

Ilyce R. Glink, Think Glink Inc. Best Money Moves

“Gary is so down to earth with such an everlasting positive energy, and the YES frequency is such a fuel that fills me everyday. I am so blessed to have met the fabulous Gary, and every time I meet with him he always enriches me with new knowledge, love and insight.”

Riccardo Terzoli, Arcore ( MB), Italy, DHL Global Manager Japan & South Korea

“The real genius of Gary Quinn’s coaching is his intuitive and concise messages. His ethos and teachings help propel you into a frequency of awareness, abundance and confidence. The words and thoughts we create everyday are powerful, his coaching helps to take stock and manage these messages. The outcomes are as profound as they are clear. He has taught me sustainable and straight forward strategies, that have transformed my personal and professional life. The results of Gary’s teachings are an awakening and clarity that bring peace of mind and change in your life”.

Wesley Van Doren, Microsoft Corporate - Seattle, Washington

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