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Touchstone For Life Newsletter – August 2018

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Do you ever find yourself spending too much time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future? Many of us do, and it is completely normal to do so from time to time. However, whenever we get too caught up with looking backward or forward, we often miss what's right in front of us. And let's face it, all we really have is right here and right now. So why not seize the day!

Touchstone for Life Newsletter – June 2018

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As we enjoy the Summer season, and the greatest pleasures in life are the simple ones. Life does not need to be complex and chaotic. This Summer don’t waste your money on extravagant gifts for others. Give the simple gift of love, and trust that will mean more to them than anything you could buy at a store.I wish you the best and hope you find this newsletter informative & enlightening.

Touchstone for Life Newsletter – May 2018

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As Summer arrives, be open to activate the new you. Take action and create new habits and deeper wisdom. The key to a new life is always within us. When we open our doors of awareness, we discover we are filled with the kind of motivation and guidance that allows us to set and accomplish new goals, unleash our hidden potential, and enjoy more and more of life’s satisfaction and rewards.