Today, I now trust my feelings.

Today, I am worthy of being loved and respected.

Today, I trust that my supply of money is always unlimited.

Today, I am as successful as I make up my mind to be.

Today, I am a money magnet and money loves me.

Today, I am strong, happy and confident.

Today, I accept and demonstrate more love, joy, and kindness into my life.

Today, I choose to accept increased confidence in my life.

Today, I am lucky in all areas of my life.

Today, I am creating my life to be far more beautiful, loving, and glorious than I could ever imagine.

Today, I am so excited about my life.

Today, I persist in all my endeavors.

Today, I keep my thoughts and intention centered on what I want to show up in my life.

Today, I am a magnificent being.

Today, I am magnificent.

Today, I have no guilt or shame in my life.

Today, I always create perfect opportunities in my life.

Today, I let all stress melt away.

Today, I expand my comfort zone.

Today, I love life! I look forward to every new moment.

Today, My body is strong and perfect right now.

Today, I accept all miracles in my life.

Today, I am outgoing, and others enjoy being with me.

Today, I surrender to the presence and power of peace.

Today, I accept only the best.

Today, Money is energy and I, use my energy to create health, love, peace, and harmony.

Today, I am grateful for everything in my life.

Today, I express a unique expression of Divine love.

Today, I speak higher inspirational words and receive the highest results.

Today, I am discovering talents I did not know I had.

Today, I enjoy money and I enjoy receiving money.

Today, I finish all my projects easily.

Today, I choose happiness no matter what the circumstances are.

Today, I am fearless about life.

Today, All my dreams are fulfilled.

Today, I only attract great new work opportunities.

Today, I love myself.

Today, I finish all of my projects easily.

Today, I appreciate and care for my body.

Today, I trust and know that everything in my life works easily.

Today, I am divinely guided and inspired.

Today, I am worthy and deserving.

Today, I can manifest amazing miracles.

Today, I trust myself and the universe.

Today, I am committed to accepting a great change in my life.

Today, I am trusting my inner voice.

Today, I do my job easier and do not worry about my situation.

Today, My body is vibrant and healthy.

Today, I am healthy and take good care of myself.

Today, I am confident.

Today, I forgive myself for ever hurting my body.

Today, I celebrate my life in all forms.

Today, I have no limitations in my consciousness.

Today, I share loving thoughts with everyone in my life.

Today, I am a dynamic creative human being.

Today, I am powerful.

Today, My life is in perfect order.

Today, I am worth it.

Today, I turn and find all the comfort and wisdom within.

Today, I accept and love my body.

Today, I am thankful for my life.

Today, My life is great!

Today, I am grateful, compassionate, and appreciative for everyone and everything in my life.

Today, Success comes to me in unexpected ways.

Today, I forgive myself for judging my body.

Today, I attract great new successful opportunities in my career easily.

Today, I possess powerful new energy.

Today, I am a winner!

Today, I am a new me.

Today, I begin each day in gratitude.

Today, I find good in every person.

Today, I can, I will, I am.

Today, I celebrate living in the present moment.

Today, I deserve only the best in life.

Today, I rise above all limitations.

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