Gary Quinn's new book

Gary Quinn's new book

"Become Your Own Business Guru: Create a Balanced Path to Well-Being, Success, and Happiness.

Release date: Spring 2022








Powerful! Wisdom filled! Practical! Become Your Own Business Guru offers a compelling model for the way we think of wealth, our relationship to abundance, and the role it plays in our lives. Through personal stories and true-life accounts, life-coach strategist Gary Quinn reveals how ordinary events of life offer an extraordinary window to our inner dialogue of abundance and sense of worth. Once we recognize this relationship, the path to spiritual, as well as material, abundance in our lives becomes obvious. By sharing the powerful revelations from his own experience, Gary offers practical templates that we can apply in our lives to healing, business, and relationships. Whether you’re an artist or an engineer, a homemaker or policymaker, this book is about you, your life, and every relationship that you’ll ever experience. Become Your Own Business Guru should be a required reading for everyone who has ever felt like there’s something missing in the mainstream view of what’s possible for us in the world. Become Your Own Business Guru catapults us beyond the obvious, showing us that our ability to receive is directly linked to our courage to love ourselves. I love this book!

Gregg Braden, Scientist and 5 Time New York Times bestselling author ofThe Wisdom codes and The Divine Matrix

“Gary has written a comprehensive guide to creating balance and awareness in your business from a practical yet spiritual perspective. Thank you Gary for helping make the spiritual laws actionable in real life and business!”

Mariel Hemingway, Academy Award Nominated Actor, Author and Health Activist

“Gary Quinn’s new book Become Your Own Business Guru is a fresh exploration of how individuals can develop new positive techniques,
identify and change beliefs, and create a conscious self in business.”

David Bailey, CEO, The Bailey Group

“This book is a gift – a reminder of how gratitude, attitude, authenticity and of course love are so important in our lives. Thank you Gary, this will be a great help in helping us navigate these times which can be challenging for us all.”

Belinda Carlisle , International Recording Artist, Singer, and N.Y. Times Bestselling Author andco-founder of Animal People Alliance

“In a timely intervention, Gary’s methodology opens the door to a new self-understanding required to meet the challenges of today’s era of noise and data overload. Activating the affirmative life force that resides within us all, his practices lead us to listen, learn and grow. Business leaders will do well to accept the invitation and join the conversation.

Ray Keane, PE Founding Principal at Engineering 350, LEED® AP

“Gary has always known how to help quiet our minds and keep the flow of positivity. His narrative of light, awareness and knowledge keep us on our toes, while gifting us the tools to be as successful as we let our minds wander. Anything is truly possible when we come from the space, THAT ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.” I am blessed for our 25 years of friendship and this helpful guide to success. This book is a must read.”

Gena Lee Nolin, Actor, Bestselling Author, Health Advocate and Founder of “Thyroid Sexy”

“Gary Quinn is the perfect person to write this important book. Become Your Own Business Guru is a transformative handbook providing guidance, vision and a new way of looking at your relationship with the business world. Highly recommended.”

James F. Twyman, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author and Peace Troubadour

“Gary’s new book is a wonderful tool that you can use to gain inner clarity and manifest your fondest desires. At the end of the day, the money you make isn’t a true measure of your success – wealth is just a byproduct of the process – but rather it is the feeling of fulfillment and peace of mind that will make you feel abundantly rich and happy. For me, Gary’s book is a wonderful reminder: If you can envision a goal and believe in yourself to achieve it, then you are certain to accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

Nick Wilder, International Actor, Author, and Musician

“As you become more successful in business, worry, anxiety and uncertainty creep in, disrupting vision, energy, flow, and inspiration. It’s easy to lose your way, miss important signposts, and ultimately fail. Fortunately, Gary Quinn has created the formula for long-term success in both your business and personal life with his latest. book, Become Your Own Business Guru. It’s a must-read for all aspiring business leaders.

Ilyce R. Glink, Founder/CEO of Best Money Moves and Author

“Become Your Own Business Guru show us that success is not just achieving our goals. It is about creating gratitude, loving, and how we think about our mind and body.This holistic concept of success activates our awareness as leaders of our own future.”

Guido Della Volpe, Founder & CEO of Della Volpe & Partners srl Italy

“Gary Quinn’s new book Become Your Own Business Guru brings positive coaching information forward relating to business, relationships, health, and spiritual matters for individuals. This book will leave you inspired, clear, encouraged, and able to create a plan of action!”

Richard Romagnoli , Italy’s #1 Best Selling Author and TedEX Motivational Speaker

“Gary has the precious gift to be clear and straight! It’s the time to change… and this manual investigates all the possible ways to do it successfully. It’s complete, and simple to adopt and very understandable! Thank you Gary for generously sharing your heart and mind with us.”

Katia Da Ros, Vice President, Irinox SpA Italy

“Gary’s mission to help every human been to be the best version of him self, always inspired me. “Become your own business Guru” is another extraordinary tool of Gary to learn the art of spiritual business communication, allowing anyone to be an authentic light in the work place and in life.”

Walter Nudo, Actor, Author and Motivational Speaker

“Become Your Own Business Guru is a great adjustment for the soul. In his book Gary shares great advice and steps on how one can take control of their thinking and live in a more fulfilling way by just being authentic.”

Arturo Cisneros, PSA Entertainment, LLC. Artist Management

“Gary has a unique insight that can pierce right through the mind’s clutter and can inspire a strong conviction of “I can do this”. Often, we are the primary obstacle in our own way of reaching our dreams. Gary can not only see these obstacles but can see the solutions and also has the skills to help us create a new path for success and happiness. That journey has a lovely way of igniting joy in us and others in our workplaces and elsewhere, which is a giant bonus. Thank you, Gary, for helping us find a more compassionate way to succeed in business and in life…such a needed formula in our world.”

Cozette Dunlap, President, D.D. Dunlap Companies, Inc.

“Gary’s coaching over the years has taken me and my luxury real estate business well beyond where I ever could have imagined.
His new book, Become Your Own Business Guru gives us a clear new blueprint for inspirational business growth, self-awareness, and change.”

Debra Johnston, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury - Atlanta’s Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Diamond Member

“This book combines practical wisdom with pure magic, making the reader feel a definitive shift after a few short chapters. Improve your business and any other area of your life with this impactful guide. Thank you Gary for another masterpiece!.”

Linda Kelley, Co-Founder, Indigo Payments

“This book is a breath of fresh air in a much needed time of creative evolution. Gary Quinn gives solid advice, and is one of the most innovative business and life coaches of our time. He is the STEP ABOVE and the STEP APART that we all seek.”

Laurie D. Muslow, CEO of It’s All Good Entertainment and Creative Strategist

“Gary Quinn is a master at bringing an authentic, centered approach to building an abundant life and business. He provides essential knowledge and easy suggestions on how you can tap into and activate the power and knowledge you have within. This book is essential in not only your business plan, but life plan.”

Hanna Bolte, CEO/Principle, Bolte Media

“This book left me feeling recharged and ready to take my business to the next level. As a young entrepreneur, this information is invaluable.”

Lana Johnson, Designer & President, Orseund Iris

“Gary’s has no shortage of remarkable ideas, and the will to execute them. He is a joyous person that abounds with energy because he is running at a higher frequency. I owe my success to having listened respectfully to Gary’s best advice, and my life has been transformed. Gary cultivates the habits of happiness, and he attracts the people and situations that match its frequency. For such, his new book “Become Your Own Business Guru” is my choice today.”

Sante Losio, Founder/CEO of Longevitime

“I have known Gary Quinn for more than 25 years. His leadership and problem solving skills are what makes Gary Quinn an expert in business relationships. These characteristics are defined and showcased beautifully in his latest work, BECOME YOUR OWN BUSINESS GURU. Gary helps anyone feel better about what work they do and I would highly recommend reading his book to enhance your business today.”

Scott Savlov, CEO/ Executive Producer at Savlov Consulting Sports and Entertainment TV

“Gary is a truly inspirational, kind, and giving human being. He is a master of his craft helping people realize their life dreams. I am extremely proud to have him as a dear friend.”

David Courtney, Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Music Producer and Author

“One of the many strategies Gary offers in his new book is to use beautiful memories to elevate your present emotional state. Among my treasured memories is having high tea in London with this magic man who lives and breathes everything he teaches.”

Pam Grout, #1 New York Times bestselling author of 20 books

“Gary Quinn’s new book “Become Your Own Business Guru”, is a masterpiece of joy that everyone should read! It is a pleasant and beautiful way to awaken our consciousness. We must believe in the power of the inner self, again and always. Grazie Gary to awaken us with the thoughts of “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

Rachele Restivo, Show Runner, Mediaset Group - Author andCreator of the TV Show “Pensa in Grande”

“Influential, powerful, and inspirational in every aspect. Gary Quinn in Become Your Own Business Guru, taking us on the journey of how every moment in our life count to be thankful and how living is all about healing and creating balance in our life. Thank you, Gary, for your inspiration and this masterpiece.”

Maryam Morrison, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Eden Magazine

“Gary Quinn’s new book Become Your Own Business Guru offers magnificent tools to gain self-esteem and self-appreciation, and best of all, a sense of being a productive, successful and happy person.”

Dara Torres, 5 Time Olympic Champion, 12 Time Olympic Medalist,NY Times Bestselling Author, Fitness Advocate & Motivational Speaker

“Gary is truly a Master at helping others realize their dreams and showing others how to activate their potential. In his new book, Become Your Own Guru, Gary strategically and divinely illuminates strategic keys that will help open major doors and elevate business leaders. Thank you Gary, for continually being such a prolific voice and light for so many. ”

Dr. Landon McCarroll, CEO & President of DermKing Institute

“Become Your Own Business Guru activates the spiritual, scientific, and metaphysical aspects into business. This book will help create and activate the critical mass of conscious individuals necessary for world transformation.”

Pirmin Loetscher, Author, Life Coach & Mental Trainer, and CEO of LIV - Life Inspired Values AG