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Watch Patricia Mensink’s Podcast with Gary Quinn

on June 7, 2024, at 12:00 PM PST

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For the past 30 years, Patricia Mensink has made Amsterdam her home, dedicating her life to transforming the lives of others as a Counselor, Coach, Healer, and Life-changer. Her profound impact on individuals and communities is reflected in her extensive career in broadcasting and personal development.

Twenty years ago, Patricia pioneered her first podcast, bringing together a diverse group of women from around the world to share their stories and experiences. This groundbreaking podcast provided a platform for women to discuss life’s challenges, including pain, motherhood, and abuse, fostering a sense of global sisterhood and support.

Fourteen years ago, Patricia expanded her reach by launching the radio show “Alwareness,” which aired approximately 800 episodes. The show delved into various aspects of lifestyle, health, and personal empowerment, drawing in listeners with its insightful content and expert guests.

Five years ago, Patricia took her vision to television with the live show “Alwareness TV,” featuring guests from all over the world every week. The show became a beacon of inspiration, offering viewers practical advice and stories of resilience and transformation.

In addition to her well-established shows, Patricia has also produced 40 podcasts exploring mysteries, adding an element of intrigue to her diverse portfolio. Her weekly radio meditations have become a staple for many, providing listeners with a moment of peace and mindfulness in their busy lives.

Patricia’s latest venture, the new TV show “Patricia Meets Lifechanger,” airs every Friday night, where she continues to inspire and empower her audience by meeting and interviewing individuals who have made significant changes in their lives and are helping others to do the same.

With her unwavering commitment to personal growth and healing, Patricia Mensink continues to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the lives of many.

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