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This workshop is based on the idea that you attract what you think. Everything in the Universe vibrates on a particular frequency. When you think in harmony with the frequency of something, you attract it to you. If you think about wealth, you receive wealth. If you dwell on debt, you will receive more debt. Nothing [good or bad] can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts. You are what you visualize; your thoughts determine your destiny. If we are taught to expect the worst, our reality responds to that and we end up getting what we think instead of getting what we really want. This class helps enable students to live their inner-most choices, by setting goals and becoming conscious creators of their own lives.

Each of us has been called in life to create and contribute to the world. Each of us was born with a purpose that attracts to us the people, places, events and opportunities for the fulfillment of our destiny. How much energy do you lose on a daily basis by worrying about things over which you have absolutely no control? Just image if you turned that worry into power. The power to be fearless in life. The power to erase anxiety and fear. Just imagine what you could accomplish if you turned that worry into courage and power.

In this empowering workshop, best-selling author Gary Quinn will lead you through the steps to be courageous and align with your divine life destiny and turn you life into Spiritual Gold.

Do you find yourself asking, “Why do bad things seem to happen to me?
Or why do I always feel like the financial stress has taken over my life?

Stop living in fear and turmoil. Your life will never be the same once you’ve used Gary Quinn’s techniques.

If you would like to earn more money or be more successful in any aspect of you life, you’ve got to take the first step–creating the picture of success in your mind. Using his techniques and exercises, Gary will cover these topics:

Law of Attraction Techniques for Aligning with your Soul Purpose
Learn the Words of Power
Brain Language Upgrade
The Power of Language Creates
The Secret to letting go of Fear and Anxiety
Develop and Trust the POWER of YOUR intuition
Releasing Limiting thoughts and Opening the Doors to Prosperity
Activating the Power of Self love

No matter what you seek this life changing workshop will leave you feeling hopeful and inspired and create your best life! You’ll also learn the amazing tools to create a life full of love, prosperity and happiness!


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