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More Important Than Ever!

As we return to a post-pandemic world, the urgent need for transformational change on a global scale is undeniable. Recovering, vulnerable economies add another multifaceted challenge to a long list of sustainability crises we are facing – from climate, to water, to deforestation, to biodiversity loss, to inequality, to injustice, to corruption and disinformation.

At this point, one thing is precise:
“Purposeful brands enhance customer loyalty, keep their employees happy, and outperform their competitors. The purpose is the driving force of a thriving business, and sustainable innovation sets leaders apart from others.”

The global event for the largest community of purpose-driven brands and leaders, Sustainable Brands Turkey’22 offers inspiration, resources, and guidance towards unlocking the power of regenerative business. SB Turkey’22,the flagship conference for purpose-driven business, is the longest-standing Sustainable Brands event. SB Turkey’22will be held on September 15th-17th virtually.

Better brands are moving past ‘doing less harm’ to drive regenerative models that renew, restore, and grow. Attend Sustainable Brands’ flagship conference for the latest insights to drive better business practices at your organization.
Sustainable Brands events bring together an international community of change agents. Join the brightest minds in sustainability, virtually, to step forward into the upcoming decade of regeneration and realize the vibrant future that we need.

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