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Watch TJ Higgs' Podcast with Gary Quinn

on April 05, 2024, at 12:00 PM PST

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T J Higgs is one of the most celebrated psychic mediums in the UK, whose work has been featured on TV and in the national press. But she has overcome many obstacles to get where she is. A sensitive child, her unique psychic gift was not encouraged and, as she reveals, her life has not been easy. In fact, she believes that the challenges she has faced have played an essential part in making her the ground-breaking medium she is today.

In this compelling book, Tracy Higgs – known affectionately by her fans as TJ – shares her story as well as heart-warming true tales from the afterlife. She also brings a lightness of touch, amazing accuracy and a fantastic sense of humour to her communications with the spirit world. Intuitive, witty and wise, she is a very modern medium. And she invites you now to engage with the Other Side in ways you never dreamed possible – to see the spirit world afresh through her eyes.

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