10 Steps to Change Your Life and Discover Your Truth (paperback)

You have the potential to create exactly the life you want and experience extraordinary results. By tapping into the spiritual zone, you can become empowered to take charge of your present situations, access your divine universal energy, overcome fear and self-sabotage, create financial freedom and meet your most cherished goals.

In this life-changing book, leading intuitive life coach, Gary Quinn, gives you practical tools, exercises, and affirmations to transport yourself to the spiritual zone – a state that enables you to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of. Quinn addresses everything from awareness about eating, breathing and exercise to practicing forgiveness and learning to love yourself.  In Living in the Spiritual Zone, Quinn teaches that by accepting the truth and offering forgiving, you can align yourself with an amazing power source- the spiritual zone-and create the love and miracles you’ve always wanted.