The Power of Self-Love

The Power of Self-Love


In The Power of Self- Love, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Gary Quinn shares the miraculous results that manifest when you open yourself to love.

When you choose to love yourself, you’re affirming your own greatness. You’re energetically saying to the Universe: “I am lovable. I deserve happiness. I deserve success.” You’re giving permission to others and to the magical workings of the Universe to “love you back.” If you choose to love yourself, the Universe will mirror it back to you. You can begin by simply saying, I LOVE MYSELF. Say it all the time, especially when you feel least like saying it when you feel like it’s not true or you don’t deserve to feel love for yourself. By saying it in those moments, you open up to the possibility of it. We DECIDE to love ourselves; it’s a choice. A simple, yet extremely profound choice with miraculous ramifications. Through a combination of spoken messages and guided meditations, Gary Quinn offers life-changing tools to inspire you on a journey into love and its extraordinary power.

” The Universe is patiently waiting to give you what you most desire. When you give yourself permission to love, you are saying to the Universe, “I’m ready.” – Gary Quinn



  1. Loving Yourself
  2. Meditation On Loving Yourself
  3. Loving Beyond Yourself
  4. Being Love
  5. Meditation On Being Love
  6. Creating Love
  7. Meditation on Creating Love


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