The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness


In the Power of Forgiveness, bestselling author and motivational speaker, Gary Quinn, leads us into a healing journey of forgiveness.

To begin the process of forgiveness, it’s important to recognize what’s been stopping you from forgiving yourself and others….. until now…………. If you’ve been holding on to anger toward yourself or someone else, there’s a reason for it. It’s so important to recognize that. What has the payoff been for choosing not to forgive?………… What have you gotten out of it?…. There’s a part of you that knows the gift you receive when choosing to forgive is much greater than any payoff you receive while holding onto anger. It’s necessary to acknowledge the payoff you’ve been receiving up until now. When you acknowledge it, you’ll understand why you made the choice not to forgive. And that honesty with yourself will open the doorway to forgiveness and a much greater reward than any you have been receiving until now. Through spoken messages and guided meditations, he provides the tools and motivation to inspire us in releasing old anger and resentment, creating space in our lives for miracles.



  1. Releasing the Fear of Forgiveness
  2. Meditation on the Fear of Forgiveness
  3. Embracing Humility
  4. Meditation of Humility
  5. The Work of Forgiveness
  6. Meditation on Forgiveness
  7. The Gift of Forgiveness
  8. Meditation of the Gift of Forgiveness
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