Trust and Happiness

Trust and Happiness


In this 1 hour CD, Gary Quinn offers life-changing messages and meditations and affirmations to inspire you on a journey into trust and happiness.

Consciously or unconsciously you are creating your life all the time. Regardless of age, current situation, past or world condition, by listening and applying this knowledge you can attain that extra edge needed to achieve success. This CD will help you gain knowledge, increase self- confidence, find inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. These inspirational talks and meditations will change your life for the better.

“Trust will lead you where you desire to go –it is a catalyst for movement. It supports you and carries you when nothing else can. The power of trust is infinite.”
__Gary Quinn



  1. Introduction To Trust And Happiness
  2. How Trust Creates Reality
  3. Meditation On How Trust Creates Reality
  4. Trusting Yourself
  5. Meditation On Trusting Yourself
  6. Meditation On Trusting Others
  7. Trusting Others
  8. Trusting Life
  9. Meditation On Trusting Life
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