Many highly successful individuals hire a life coach. Why? To obtain that extra edge needed toward achieving continuous success in every area of their lives. The Touchstone for Life Coaching® program guides individuals toward uncovering life-changing insights, self-awareness, personal growth, clarity of perceptions, and offers the spiritual tools for self-discovery.

This program is now available for the first time to individuals who wish to obtain that extra edge needed in order to achieve continuous success in every area of their lives, as well as those who wish to become Touchstone for Life Coaches.

Great levels of performance and achievement can be attained by anyone, yet most people have not mastered self-empowerment tools and time tested strategies that are the basis of personal and professional success.

When we feel, deep within us, a barrier to achieving our heart’s desire, the root of what stops us may lie within your family history, beliefs and experiences. The fates of relationships of those earlier in our families creates entanglements affecting the energy of love flowing. Learning to activate larger truths and breaking through barriers, recognizing opportunities, activating intuition and dreams would be incredible.
What if you got up every morning excited about the day’s opportunities freeing the consciousness full of abundance in every area of your life. Imagine if your life would be full of a creative power that would return you to the moment of YOU and the present moment of YOU. Periodically, we need to review and revision our lives. Every year our lives bring new challenges, goals, experiences and opportunities. Every change, tragedy, divorce, retirement or success requires us to take a new life path and intention. This program is learning how to restart your life, let go of the past, and look for a new vision for the future.

Do any of the following hit home with you?


  • Often demonstrate low self-confidence and experience a lack of self-love.
  • Exhibit self-sabotaging limiting behavior.
  • Are successful but not as successful as you know you could be.
  • Feel you’re letting your past destroy your future.
  • Are unprepared to handle the upcoming changing circumstances of your life.
  • Close yourself off to new opportunities and adventures.
  • Are afraid to take risks and take part in activities you know would be fun.
  • Tend not to take care of yourself mentally and physically.
  • Feel trapped in a situation you don’t know how to get out of.
  • Know you should forgive people in your life but something’s holding you back.
  • Need someone to hold you accountable for you to follow through on your commitments.

If you can relate to any of the above, even a little, this program maybe for you.
Because it’s time to get excited about life again. It’s time to enjoy yourself every single day– not a year, five years or ten years from now – but starting right now.
This is my invitation to you to go on a journey with me. The journey will be all about YOU and how you can rid yourself of the obstacles in your life that are preventing you from being where you want to be in life.
My commitment to you is this, at the end of our journey together…

You will feel inspired.

You’ll feel excited about life.

Obstacles and roadblocks in your life will become a thing of the past.
You’ll be well on your way to living up to your potential and attracting to you the things in life you desire.
I will teach you new skills to help you manifest your dreams and desires through my program. I have incorporated the The YES Frequency into my program, which is a powerful tool to carry with you everyday, as you build a new, more powerful, successful, exciting life. So, the next big question is, how and where do I begin?
The biggest reason dreams don’t come true is that we get overwhelmed and we give up too soon. The key is to break down the journey into small steps. See yourself taking one step at a time, each acting as a YES motivator, inspiring and energizing you to take the next step and the next all the way to your dream destination. Your dream may even change and morph into something different (even better!) than you first imagined. Stay open. Say YES.

It’s time to transform yourself into a better version of you

I want a similar transformation for you.
All too often, people go from cradle to grave without addressing the things that are holding them back in life.
Plus, they are way too tough on themselves. They criticize themselves like they are their worst enemy. They let the issues from the past impede their future happiness.

It reminds me what American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said…

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
I don’t want that for you… and I know you don’t want that for you either.
I’m here to tell you: You can lead a life overflowing with optimism and excitement. You can get up every morning loving life and loving who you see looking back at you in the mirror.

A solution designed specifically for YOU…

My Touchstone for Life program consists of eight one-hour sessions either in person, via Skype or on the phone over the next three months.

I want to make it very clear what these sessions are not. This isn’t some pre-programmed life coaching course I’ll be dictating to you.
Both you and your situation are unique. Our series of sessions will be customized to your situation and requirements.

After each session, I’ll provide you with some homework to do that specifically targets the challenges you are experiencing.
This is a very important part of your growth and I will hold you accountable for doing it.
The payoff will be sweet. Here is just a partial list of what you will experience by partnering with me…

  • You’ll have a clear image of where you want to go in life and a blueprint of how to get there.
  • You’ll create a personal mission statement to clarify your life’s purpose.
  • You’ll gain a clear focus on what makes you happy in life (and what doesn’t.)
  • You’ll attain your goals more easily.
  • You’ll feel more empathy, compassion, joy and a greater sense of inner peace.
  • You’ll attract quality people into your life and forge deeper relationships with both current and new friends.
  • You’ll become more present and self-aware about who you are and what you want out of life.
  • You’ll motivate and inspire others by your example.
  • You’ll communicate more effectively with everyone you meet.
  • You’ll ask powerful questions that will open you up to new possibilities.
  • You’ll respond better to people and situations when things don’t go your way.
  • You’ll simplify your life and your responsibilities.
  • You’ll experience less stress and overwhelm.
  • You’ll say goodbye to limiting beliefs and open the door to endless opportunities.
  • You’ll get unstuck and move forward with your life.
  • You’ll have more fun.

In addition to our customized sessions, you’ll also receive these four bonuses…

  • The Yes Frequency – My best-selling book filled with practical and insightful strategies, this is my concise guide that offers methods for breaking old habits, becoming more successful, and giving your life a greater purpose. I present you with new approaches for healing self-limiting wounds and present you with a path on how to take an optimistic life approach geared towards discovering and manifesting what you want out of life. You’ll also receive the corresponding audio program.
  • The Power of Forgiveness – “Yourself.” That’s the only person you’re hurting if you can’t find it in your heart to forgive people. Not only does your stress level and blood pressure go up, you will often experience feelings of depression, anxiety, and rage. My audio program guides you down the path of being able to open your heart to people and forgive them, yes for their sake, but mostly for your own well-being.
  • The Power of Self Love – This is at the core of it all, isn’t it? If your inner voice is consistently working against you, the happiness and success you want so desperately will always be out of reach. I’ve designed this audio program to help you appreciate what you have and have gratitude for who you are and turn it into energy that will support you in all your relationships and endeavors.
  • Enhance Your Inner Trust and Happiness – Trust will lead you where you desire —it is a catalyst for transformation. The power of trust is infinite. This audio program will help you gain the knowledge you need to gain the extra edge you need to achieve unlimited success in life. Plus, it will increase your self-confidence and put you on the path to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Note: All the above audio programs contain meditations you can perform on your own time. These meditations reduce your stress level, improve your concentration, and boost your self-awareness.

When American fiction author Scott Westerfeld said the oft-quoted line “Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual” he was right on the money.
It’s important to understand that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength in that you recognize there are areas of your life that could use improving – and you’re taking action to do something about it.

So how do you get started?

The first step is for you and me to have a conversation. Our initial chat will last around 15-minutes. We’ll talk about your challenges and your goals plus I’ll answer any questions you may have.
I’ll go over exactly how I can help you achieve your best life and if it sounds good, I’ll put together a plan for you. If after the first full session, for whatever reason, you feel you don’t want to proceed, that’s ok. This way you’re not locked into anything and we can both determine if we’re the right fit for each other.
Sound good?

Click here to contact me about scheduling our initial conversation.

I’m excited about the possibility of you transforming your life. Nothing gives me greater joy than watching people blossom in front of my eyes.
If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason for it.
I urge you to take action today and start living life up to your full potential ASAP.
Because life’s too short to stay stuck and only get a small percentage of the happiness and joy it offers.

Chinese philosopher Laozi once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Your journey to a more inspired and energized life also starts with a single step. Click here to contact me to set up your complimentary 15-minute chat. It’s time to get happy and to start living up to your potential in every area of your life!